Monday, November 21, 2016

What is SEO? Top Search Engines SEO Best Strategies

What is SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization?

"SEO is short for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines." - Source: Webopedia
What is seo? Top search engines. Google SEO

Top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have SEO best practices. Google SEO and YouTube video SEO rules are well defined and explained by Google. SEO definition  and SEO meaning is not important because becoming an SEO specialist is relatively easy.

Google's SEO blog and Webmaster Guidelines explains how to get to the top of the Google Search Engine.

Google's SEO best practices include the following:

  1. On-page SEO optimization such as adding SEO keyword-rich Title Tags, Description Meta Tags, Header <H1> and Sub-Header Tags <H2>, keyword-rich links, SEO image file names and Alt-Tags, URL tag and URL page tags.
  2. SEO best practices also include creating "authority" by having a presence on the internet with blogs, social media seo pages, YouTube video seo and other authority pages.
  3. Creating inbound seo links on high Page Rank (PR) sites such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Social Bookmarking sites.

What Google Really Wants as SEO Best Practices:

Google wants you to be an "authority" and to provide a Real, Keyword-rich, Relevant and Keyword Homogenous website or blog. This is true for other top search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. So, in terms of real SEO meaning, a true SEO specialist follows not only google SEO guidelines to provide great content searchers are looking for, but also structures such content to meet those guidelines.

So when looking for an SEO defintion and SEO best practices remember that great, keyword-rich content, with proper page structure and an SEO online link building strategy is the best way to go towards getting indexed high on the tp search engines.

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Manny Sarmiento - CEO
New Media, New Marketing, Inc. 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

LinkedIn - The 4 Top LinkedIn Strategies for Business

LinkedIn - The 4 Top LinkedIn Strategies for Business

When you join LinkedIn, people behave like your “tribe” – people that you are connected to. You can start with your email list, people you invite. Most of those 40 % of those people on your email list, are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an online resume, it’s about you and have a professional head shot profile because a first impression is important. There are over 414+ Million professionals that can find you.

Strategy #1: Link your presentations on LinkedIn. This is a great tool to demonstrate project presentations you’ve done. It is also a great tool for job hunting since employers gets to see what worked you’ve done, if they check your LinkedIn.

Strategy #2: Joining groups on LinkedIn is crucial to your profile and networking with other professionals in the same group. This refers back to the “Tribe” – people whom you are connected with in the same network.

Strategy #3: Participate in discussions. Make people want to engage on your discussion.

Strategy #4: It’s good to optimize your profile with SEO keywords to target a market. Use Google Adwords to find the keyword for your target market. In my Simple SEO course you will learn how to do keyword research.

LinkedIn is a popular valuable tool and if used correctly, it can give you that advantage for your business.

Take my full Udemy course now for half off! We cover more topics on LinkedIn and other strategies in Social Media.

Manny Sarmiento
President / CEO New Media, New Marketing, Inc.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Seven Paradigms of Social Media Marketing

The Seven Paradigms of Social Media Marketing

It’s all about SEO: Social Media is all about SEO. Think domination, you want to dominate your market. Create that level one content that makes real engagement happen. Learn more about level one content on my course on Udemy.

DIY It: Tools to enhance your brand in the market. Tools such as Hootsuite, constant contact social share, Tweetdeck, bookmark social media accounts, YouTube, and

Building Relationships (G.A.S.): Give knowledge, ask questions, relationships top of mind of awareness. For example: If I am in your "Tribe" and need your type of services, I refer business to you, exchanging.

T.O.M: Top of Mind Awareness - First one they think of when they're ready to buy your
products or services.

“Expert” Status: When you have a blog you are perceived as an expert.

The “Tribe”: People in a group. Everyone that belongs to you, everyone that is in your network or works together. Fund your tribe, keep them loyal and those are the people that would refer more business too.

Engagement: Engage in Social Media accounts by consistently posting on these accounts or blogs.

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Manny Sarmiento
President / CEO New Media, New Marketing, Inc.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Minimum Social Media Tools You Should be Using for Your Business

Minimum Social Media Tools You Should be Using for Your Business

At New Media, New Marketing, Inc., we use social media tools daily to improve our ranking among competitors. We use these tools whether they are for creating a simple event using email marketing or to marketing through social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. As a result, we’ve had a successful past and present with using social media tools daily. These are the social media tools you should be using for your business:

Blog: Level one tool that can bring a lot traffic and business to you. If you blog every day you will see amazing changes to your business, as long as you optimize your content, and provide valuable content.

Social Networking: Social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace (great SEO tool).

Micro-blog: Twitter is one of the best micro-blogs out there.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is a great way of providing valuable experience for your business. It works well when combined with social media, for example: Constant Contact’s Social Share tool.

What is the number one social media photo sharing site that can make a difference to your business? Pinterest! Although Instagram has many users and it’s owned by Facebook, you can engage with Pinterest and with Instagram you can’t.

Local Business Directories: Sometimes you don’t know where to start listing your business. Posting in local business directories is a must. You can get started by posting on these Top 20 listings:

1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yahoo!
4. Yelp
5. MerchantCircle
6. YellowPages
7. WhitePages
8. SuperPages
9. YellowBook
10. Manta
11. CitySearch
12. MapQuest
14. Foursquare
15. Angie’s List
16. Judzu
17. Facebook
18. Biznik
19. CitySlick
20. AmericanTowns

When dealing with these types of listings, you want to include at least your Business name, address phone number, website address, business category, and tags/labels.

Video sharing: Video tools such as Youtube, Vimeo.

Presentation Sharing: is a simple presentation sharing social media tool. You can use videos and info graphics. Social media press release: One of the most important Press Release tool is PR Log. The reason why PR Log is important is because it shows on searches.

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Manny Sarmiento
President / CEO New Media, New Marketing, Inc. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Four C’s of “New Marketing” and Social Media Marketing

The Four C’s of “New Marketing” and Social Media Marketing

Most of us or most new business owners want to post on Facebook. They want to open a Facebook account and start posting right away for their new business. This is the last step you need to accomplish before starting out in social media. Your Facebook personal page is separate from your business page. The reason being is your business page has less engagements.

Learn more about Social Media through my course: and sign up at 50% OFF!
  • Content Creation: In order for you to be found in search engines is you have to create content. Creating content is crucial in this day and age. The source of your business is going to come mostly from content creation. There are many tools you can create content in:
    • Slideshare
    • YouTube
    • Social Media Press Releases
    • LinkedIn Posts
    • Creating a blog on your website
  • Culture: One of the most important tools for business is excellent customer service. Many of the ways to provide great customer service is through social media. Social media is a great tool to build relationships, new referrals, meet new people and enhance customer service. You have to build your own brand all around. This will have to do with how you're perceived throughout the media.
  • Connecting: Once you build new connections/ new relationships, the most important thing to do is to keep those loyal customers. Spam is not the way to keep customers. This can actually cause you to lose these clients. You need to provide value by getting rid of the S word, SALE and switch to the M word, MARKETING. 
  • Consistency: Think of social media as campaigns. You have to be consistent all the time when posting content. Being consistent can shift the mind set of others (paradigm). It is really all about social media optimization. Social media can help you show up in the search engine. In my Udemy Course, I offer a successful checklist for optimizing your business needs. 
Manny Sarmiento - President / CEO
New Media, New Marketing, Inc. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

SEO Search Engine Optimization - For Dummies!

"The New SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  - For Dummies"

by Manny Sarmiento – President / CEO of New Media, New Marketing, Inc.

The New World of SEO means that you can optimize your own website and blog, resulting in high search results rankings at zero or minimal cost. You can get to the top of Google without extensive experience or expensive investments! 

Old school SEO meant having to pay a bunch of money to “SEO Experts” who promised high rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Sadly, they didn’t necessarily fulfill these promises. What made it possible for these so-called “SEO Experts” to charge you a bunch of money was the ignorance of business owners, CEOs and the like.

This ignorance and lack of knowledge is currently widespread. Most business owners are bombarded by ads for SEO. Some of these SEO firms can get you results by making suggestions and changes to your website. So, don’t discard all those emails you receive.

Personally, I don’t like paying for SEO. Especially, when there is no need to do so. The following information on SEO will make it possible (with no guarantees – sorry!) to get to the top of the search engines by optimizing your websites on your own.

First, here is the history of SEO in a brief manner. When Al Gore invented the internet, (haha) Yahoo dominated the SEO and Search engine universe. For $299 Yahoo would consider looking at your website and indexing it on their search engine. Since then the “SEO Experts” started appearing with all the illustrious promises of Search Engine domination. But recently Google changed the playing field. It is now possible for you to get incredible search engine rankings and appear at the top of the search engines without paying for it. Here’s how.

The SEO “Secret”
The “secret” to SEO domination on Google is… that there is no secret! Google only wants one thing. That you provide a real content, keyword-rich, target market, relevant website! If you provide a website that contains these four elements you will most likely appear high on the search engines, maybe even on the first page, in the first few listings.

As a matter of fact Google provides all the dos and don’ts for SEO on several Google produced resources. Here are a few:
•    Google Search Engine Guidelines
•    Google SEO Starter Guide
•    Google SEO Videos
•    Google Search-based Keyword Tool

These free SEO tools from Google can be found on www.nmx2,com/resources

The most important one of these tools is the Google Search-based Keyword Tool. The tool helps you determine keywords or keyword phrases that your target market searches for to find your type of business. Simply enter the keywords you believe your target market searches for and Google gives you “Keyword Ideas” that are relevant, actual searches per month.

With this Google keyword tool you will be able to create a master list of target market keywords. You will then use these keywords in all of your website content, social media profiles and updates, blog contents, pictures, usernames, and any other online tools.

If your content is real and relevant to the search terms typed into the Google search box, Google will return the most relevant results in the search engine results page (SERP). This is the “secret” to appearing high in a Google search result. Not much of a secret, is it?

If you’ve been paying attention to the web, you’ve most likely heard that Google “has a new update”. Google is creative with the names it gives it’s algorithm changes. Algorithm is a fancy name for the mathematical calculations and choices it’s servers use to determine relevant terms. If you are listening to what I am saying in this article, then you know to ignore and stop panicking about these updates. 

As long as you are providing real, keyword-rich, target market, relevant content and the user types in the correct keywords that your website is optimized for, your website will appear on a search result.

Another secret of SEO and Google’s search engine is: You may appear at the top of Google for one set of keywords and nowhere to be found for another set of keywords. This means that you must make a choice about which keywords you wish to use in order to have your website appear at the top of Google.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Mechanics and Website Structure Requirements

Search Engine Optimization is not just about writing real, keyword-rich, target market relevant content. Although this is the most important thing Google looks for, it is not the only thing. Here is a list of the most important mechanical things your website must have in order to appear high on the search engines. Keep in mind that even if the mechanics are good, Google gives no guarantees.

•    Keyword Rich Title Tag
•    Keyword Rich Description Meta Tag
•    Keyword Meta Tag
•    <H1> & <H2> with Keywords
•    Keyword Image Files Names
•    Keyword Image Alt-Tags
•    Internal Links & External Links with Keywords

Along with the mechanics of the website there are other important, off-website things you must do to improve your website rankings on Google and other search engines.

1.    Acquire backlinks to your website. Google will give your website “Google Love” for links back to your website from other, external websites. The more relevant the site is, the more Google “Love” you will receive and the greater the chance of getting ranked higher on Google. Links from irrelevant sites will not get you Google “Love”.

2.    Create and submit two types of sitemaps, an .html sitemap and an .xml sitemap. Google lets you do this at their Webmaster Tools website.

3.    Submit your website manually to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Yahoo is submitted on the same website as Bing, at the same time.

4.    Get traffic to your website and engage them when they land on your website. Do everything possible, online and offline, to get visitors to your website. You can acquire lots of Google Love by increasing the number of unique visitors and getting them to take actions on your website. The “Call to Action” is one of the most important engagement tools for your site. Ask your visitors to do something, such as, watch a video, fill in a form, visit another page on your site.

Other than optimization, the paradigm I teach my SEO students is that social media is an important tool for getting ranked on Google. Many social media sites, if properly keyword optimized, may appear on a search on the search engines. Below is a list of some of the best sites (currently) for SEO:

1.    Merchant Circle
2.    YouTube
3.    Yelp
5.    SuperYellowPages
6.    Foursquare
7.    LinkedIn
8.    Blogger & WordPress
9.    Facebook Business Pages
10.    Google Plus
11.    Twitter
12.    PRLog

I’ve studied Search Engine Optimization extensively. I am confident that when you optimize your pages with the tools that I have given you, your website will appear when specific target market keywords are typed into the search box.

It is easier than ever to appear at the top of Google and the other search engine. A good social media strategy and campaign and play a major role in your Search Engine Marketing SEM results. There is no need to spend a bunch of money on SEO. Research your target market keywords. Use the master list of keywords you created in all your content and in the elements of your website outlined here. Create and run a strategic social media marketing campaign.

DIY-SEO Checklist
• Relevant, Keyword-rich Content
• Unique Visitors
• Relevant Backlinks
• Keyword Rich Title
• Keyword Rich Description
• Keyword Meta Tag
• <H1> <H2>
• Keyword Image Files Names
• Keyword Image Alt-Tags
• Internal Links / External Links
• Submit .htm & .xml Sitemaps
• Submit to DMOZ
• Submit to Google, Bing (Yahoo)

Manny Sarmiento – President / CEO
New Media, New Marketing, Inc. 

Manny Sarmiento is President / CEO of New Media, New Marketing, Inc. 
Manny has taught over 500 Social Media, SEO, Internet Marketing courses and Social Media University.

Contact Information:
Carmen Lopez
New Media, New Marketing, Inc. / 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Social Media Mastery: Can Instagram Online Help Me Build My Business? Instagram for Business

Can Instagram help you build your business?

It is currently a new fad for many businesses to spend hundreds of hours into Instragram, posting, commenting and liking pictures in order to attract new potentials customers for their goods or services.

The real question is: Does Instagram for business provide real engagement?

When you post a new picture on your business’s Instagram feed what do you create? Are your current and potential customers engaging with your business by just clicking the heart button? Are they sharing your post? Are they commenting? These three simply tasks, are they really helping your business.

If you answered yes to most or all those questions, then ask yourself one more question: Are they coming through your door?

It does not matter if you have over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments. This perceived engagement is it really giving you results?

Your answer is most likely: No.

Engagement is a two communication between you (the business) and them (the customer).

While Instagram is a great way to show off the goods and services, it only working if you have a larger audience. If you are a small business you are going to need many more Social Media Tools in order to grow your business. Not just Instagram.

Instagram is just one of the many Level-2 Social Media tools you will need in order to help you build your business, but it is neither the most important tool nor the only tool. Having other Level-1 Social Media tools will help your business grow as you share them on Level-2 Social Media tools.

You can learn more about Social Media M-Levels(TM) on my Simple Social Media Course on In the meantime, here's your assignment: 

Go to and watch the free Preview of my Simple Social Media Udemy course, "Can Social Media Really Make a Difference to Your Business". 

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Best Success to You! 
Manny Sarmiento - Social Media Mann(y)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Social Media Mastery: Can Social Media Really Make a Difference to Your Business? Simple Social Media

Simple Social Media Free Course
The biggest question I get is as a Social Media expert, teacher and consultant is "can social media really make a difference to your business"? The answer is YES! But only if you use Social Media correctly. 

Social Media is really about SEO! A good Social Media Marketing strategy utilizes Google's algorithms to increase rankings of your website and to rank your Social Media accounts and postings and serve them to the user when the right search terms are entered in Google.

Google loves backlinks, which, by definition, are links on other sites back to your site. The higher the value of the site where the link to your website is posted, the higher the value to your rankings on Google.

As you'll learn in my Simple Social Media course, Social Media is divided into M-LevelsTM

Level-1 Social Media tools are those tools where content is created and Level-2 tools are the Social Media sites where the Level-1 postings are shared. Posting directly on Level-2 Social Media tools works only if you have strong engagement. This means that whenever you post something people react and they post comments, likes and shares! 

Most people will not experience a very active "viral" response to Social Media postings, so we must create Valuable, Keyword-rich, Relevant and Target Market content on our Level-1 Social Media tools in order to get results.  

You can learn more about Social Media M-Levels(TM) on my Simple Social Media Course on In the meantime, here's your assignment: 

Go to and watch the free Preview of my Simple Social Media Udemy course, "Can Social Media Really Make a Difference to Your Business". 

If you are interested in viewing the entire course you can use the Promo Code BLOGGER or just click on the link below and you'll be able to take this amazing course for a reduced price of $25.00. The course is full of amazing, practical knowledge on how to use Social Media tools to grow your business.  I hope that you enjoy the course! 

Best Success to You! 
Manny Sarmiento - Social Media Mann(y)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

How Much Should You Pay for SEO Services? Free Lesson at my "Simple SEO" Course

   I run into many business owners who are spending a lot of money on monthly SEO services. It seems that they were sold on the idea that you need to optimize your website every month. That, in most cases, is a fallacy!  It's a concept and a fraud orchestrated by the "SEO Experts" to separate you from your marketing dollars.

   Here's the truth: unless you have a trending topic that changes regularly, your money is wasted on monthly optimization. Trending topics include, music, movie, sports and other mostly entertainment-based news and concepts.

   I recently saved one of my SEO students the $750 per month he was spending on SEO services. I optimized his website, which was poorly done by his existing contractor. He made the changes and discontinued his monthly SEO optimization service with the vendor, saving him $8,250 for the year!

   There's a lot more to SEO, but the truth is that Search Engine Optimization is simple. Google wants your company at the top of search results.  

   I just published my first course at called "Simple SEO", in which I explain in detail the fascinating world of Search Engine Optimization. 

   You can watch the Lesson on "How Much Should You Pay for SEO Services" for free. Just click on the green "Preview" button.  

   I'd like to invite you to take my "Simple SEO: Search Engine Optimization" course for free if you are a Doral Chamber of Commerce member, or for $24.00 (Normally $297.00) if you are not a DCC member. 

   I'd love to receive feedback from you on the 2 1/2 hour course which you can leave on Udemy. This would help me tremendously as I develop my next course, "Simple Social Media".

   Please use Promo Code "EMAIL24" to enroll in the "Simple SEO" course for only $24.00. Doral Chamber of Commerce members please call for your promo code.   Enjoy the Course!   

   See You Inside,  
   Sincerely, "Social Media Mann(y)"
Simple SEO: Search Engine Optimization Made Simple
Simple SEO: Course Intro

Friday, February 12, 2016

Real SEO Save Money on Search Engine Optimization and Get Real Google Results!

You received this real slick email warning you about the dangers of the next Google SEO Update and the negative effects on your rankings! "The Penguin 17 Update is Coming" (not real). With all the erroneous information out there about SEO its no wonder that theres much confusion about how to get your website to the top of Google search! Here's the simple truth about SEO:

SEO Search Engine Optimization Miami
  1. Google wants you to be at the top of the search results: Google gives you all the tools and information you need to get to the top. The "Secret" to Google is... that there is no "Secret" to Google!  Give Google a real, keyword-rich, target-market, relevant and homogeneous website and Google will serve your website at the top of the search results!

  2. You don't need to pay for monthly SEO optimization: Unless you have a trending subject such as movies, music, books or entertainment, there is no need to optimize on a monthly basis. You need to optimize originally as you create your website the correct way and simply design a social media and content strategy that continues to build links and drives traffic to your website!

  3. No one can promise you "Number one on Google": If someone says to you that they will get you on the first page of Google "for only... $", here's what you say.... "No, Thank You!" there quickly walk away! The promises are ususally bogus and they have ways to deceive into believing that they've done it for others... It's usually a lie! Beware and save yourself tons of money!
  4. You can do a very good job of getting your website to the top of Google on your own: I call it "DIY-SEO" or Do It Yourself SEO".  It's easy to optimize your own website if you learn the real techniques of SEO. Start with Google's Webmaster educational tools. Google gives you all the tools you need to learn real SEO optimization.
  5. Avoid the SEO "Gurus": Whether it's an SEO "guru" or the Indian SEO outsourced "expert", or the domestic SEO Agency, SEO has changed. Most of these SEO optimization offers are false or misleading. The best thing you can do is learn real SEO optimization techniques. Because in the New World of SEO you can do a better job than most so called SEO experts. 

Good luck in your SEO and Social Media ventures! For more information feel free to read our other postings on SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing, or visit our website. 

Manny Sarmiento -CEO
New Media, New Marketing, Inc.