Thursday, March 31, 2016

Social Media Mastery: Can Social Media Really Make a Difference to Your Business? Simple Social Media

Simple Social Media Free Course
The biggest question I get is as a Social Media expert, teacher and consultant is "can social media really make a difference to your business"? The answer is YES! But only if you use Social Media correctly. 

Social Media is really about SEO! A good Social Media Marketing strategy utilizes Google's algorithms to increase rankings of your website and to rank your Social Media accounts and postings and serve them to the user when the right search terms are entered in Google.

Google loves backlinks, which, by definition, are links on other sites back to your site. The higher the value of the site where the link to your website is posted, the higher the value to your rankings on Google.

As you'll learn in my Simple Social Media course, Social Media is divided into M-LevelsTM

Level-1 Social Media tools are those tools where content is created and Level-2 tools are the Social Media sites where the Level-1 postings are shared. Posting directly on Level-2 Social Media tools works only if you have strong engagement. This means that whenever you post something people react and they post comments, likes and shares! 

Most people will not experience a very active "viral" response to Social Media postings, so we must create Valuable, Keyword-rich, Relevant and Target Market content on our Level-1 Social Media tools in order to get results.  

You can learn more about Social Media M-Levels(TM) on my Simple Social Media Course on In the meantime, here's your assignment: 

Go to and watch the free Preview of my Simple Social Media Udemy course, "Can Social Media Really Make a Difference to Your Business". 

If you are interested in viewing the entire course you can use the Promo Code BLOGGER or just click on the link below and you'll be able to take this amazing course for a reduced price of $25.00. The course is full of amazing, practical knowledge on how to use Social Media tools to grow your business.  I hope that you enjoy the course! 

Best Success to You! 
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

How Much Should You Pay for SEO Services? Free Lesson at my "Simple SEO" Course

   I run into many business owners who are spending a lot of money on monthly SEO services. It seems that they were sold on the idea that you need to optimize your website every month. That, in most cases, is a fallacy!  It's a concept and a fraud orchestrated by the "SEO Experts" to separate you from your marketing dollars.

   Here's the truth: unless you have a trending topic that changes regularly, your money is wasted on monthly optimization. Trending topics include, music, movie, sports and other mostly entertainment-based news and concepts.

   I recently saved one of my SEO students the $750 per month he was spending on SEO services. I optimized his website, which was poorly done by his existing contractor. He made the changes and discontinued his monthly SEO optimization service with the vendor, saving him $8,250 for the year!

   There's a lot more to SEO, but the truth is that Search Engine Optimization is simple. Google wants your company at the top of search results.  

   I just published my first course at called "Simple SEO", in which I explain in detail the fascinating world of Search Engine Optimization. 

   You can watch the Lesson on "How Much Should You Pay for SEO Services" for free. Just click on the green "Preview" button.  

   I'd like to invite you to take my "Simple SEO: Search Engine Optimization" course for free if you are a Doral Chamber of Commerce member, or for $24.00 (Normally $297.00) if you are not a DCC member. 

   I'd love to receive feedback from you on the 2 1/2 hour course which you can leave on Udemy. This would help me tremendously as I develop my next course, "Simple Social Media".

   Please use Promo Code "EMAIL24" to enroll in the "Simple SEO" course for only $24.00. Doral Chamber of Commerce members please call for your promo code.   Enjoy the Course!   

   See You Inside,  
   Sincerely, "Social Media Mann(y)"
Simple SEO: Search Engine Optimization Made Simple
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