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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Real Tips to Get to Page 1 of Google

what is seo. search engine optimization miami manny sarmiento

"Google has made it easier than ever to get your website to the top of Google!"

There are simple steps in preparing your website for Google's search engine algorithms. Google wants your website to show up on page one of search results. 

Google has no secrets: Google gives you all the information you need to optimize your website. You could possibly have your website show up on the first page of Google. Here's some tips that can help you do that:

Keywords:  Google responds to the keywords your target market searches for by returning the best results for those keywords.  Google has a tool where you can research these words and create a master list of keywords to use across your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other content sites. 

Knowing exactly which keywords to use and where to use them on your website helps you make your website Google friendly and therefore appear at the top of Google Search results.

Website Structure and Mechanics: Google uses over 240 factors in determining which web results to return when specific keywords are type in to a Google Search box. By knowing some of the most important structure points of your website you can work with your web developer to build a Google friendly site that appears high on a search result.  These are some of the most important website structure elements:
  • Website Title Tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Header Tags (H1 and H2)
  • Keyword-rich Content
  • Image File Names
  • Image Alt-Tags
  • Keywords in Hypertext Links
  • Keywords in the Main URL
  • Keyword-rich Page URLs
This is just a beginning list of key structure points that enhance your website for Google's Search Engine algorithms.  The result in a greater chance of showing up on page one of a Google Search result.

Warning #1: Absolutely noone can promise you number #1 on Google. If they do, they are lying!

Warning #2: There is no need to pay anyone to optimize your website on a monthly basis. Save yourself money by saying no to anyone that wants to charge you a monthly fee to optimize your website! 

Learning SEO:  You can learn real SEO strategies. But make sure that they come directly from Google or a very reputable source.  I teach an SEO class every month that is built around Google's training, not hearsay or ridiculous third party misinformation.  You can get more information on my SEO training at the link below.  

My next class in scheduled for July 15th in Miami.  The information is listed on the left column of this email.  I hope you can join me. Make sure that you use the Promo Code DIYSEO to receive a discounted rate.   

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DIY-SEO Course | Miami, Florida Event
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Options for Building a Website for Your Business - What is WordPress?

Options for Building a Website for Your Business

WordPress Website Design Courses Classes Miami
It's easier than ever to have a professional website for your business. Many options are available. Some are good. Some are bad. Here are your options:

Template Sites:  GoDaddy and 1and1 offer exceptional web building products at reasonable costs.  The only setbacks with these template sites are few but can be important.

These template sites are not as easy as they make them seem and the flexibility of design options once you select the template are limited. 

Free websites:  Sites such as Wix have amazing marketing and seemingly appear to be the solution to your website dilemma. But beware!  Wix has drag and drop features but the structure at times fails to display your website correctly, overlapping text and blocks and distorting the design. Wix designs are not mobile friendly.

Beware of "free" websites that inundate your website with ads or where you do not have control of your domain. 

WordPress: WordPress is by far the best option for website design. Designing a website on the platform is easy.  The designs available through the myriad of professional themes make for aesthetically pleasing and practical designs that make your business look fabulous!

WordPress sites are "responsive", which means that your website will automatically adjust to any screen, including iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

With WordPress built websites you have a choice of thousands of plugins that perform just about any function you require, including e-commerce, forms, galleries, social media and much more...

Overall, the best choice to build your own business website is WordPress. The WordPress software is free and very functional. With WordPress you will enhance your branding message by creating an aesthetically pleasing, professional and functional website! 

Learning WordPress is Easy!

New Media, New Marketing, Inc., with the support of the Doral Chamber of Commerce offers WordPress website building courses at a very reasonable price. (Watch the video on the left)

Courses are currently offered in Miami (Doral) on a monthly basis for a modest fee of only $197.

This WordPress course is hands-on and you can work on your site the day of the class.  Upon completing the course you will be able to build professional looking, functional websites, with no trouble at all!

To register for the Miami WordPress courses you can click on the Register Now button below or visit the website (built with WordPress) at: 

Details of WordPress Website Training Course 
In this WordPress Website Training Course you will learn how to use one of the easiest, most popular and practical website building tools available. 

WordPress is a simple yet powerful website building program that allows you to build and manage your own website with a small amount of training and effort.

In this day-long, instructor-led, hands-on, training workshop you will:
* Learn how to build a high quality, functional website in no time at all!
* Save time and money by building your own website and managing changes.
* Market your products and services on a professional website you build yourself!

You will be able to edit and modify your website yourself without depending on others, and without spending tons of time and money.

It's EASY!, but there are important pre-requisties:

1. If you know how to use a computer and are a fast learner.
2. Have some experience managing Microsoft Office Tools like Word, Power Point, and Excel.
3. Have your business ready, a clear idea of why you will like to have a website and what for.
4. You have your business logo and/or a clear idea of your business image.
Get more information
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Thanks to our 8-module, 1-day hands-on "WordPress Website Training" Course, you will learn and master how to build your own website. 

* We cut the theoretical and complicated aspects of programming, and bring you an easy to use content management system that will help you accelerate the process. 

* We will help you learn how to do it in a totally practical and simple way, step by step, directed by an expert.
Cost: $197 and Includes a Registration Fee Includes a Complimentary WordPress Mastery DVD Training Course Valued at $197.00 

WordPress Training and Classes Miami Florida

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Answer to Kirsten Yeajer's Bad Review on Yelp's Extortion Site

Yelp has been accused of Extortion of their users.  Read more about Yelp's Extortion accusation. All the positive reviews I've managed to receive on Yelp have been removed for one "reason" or another. There are two review on Yelp not displayed under "2 reviews for Doral Chamber of Commerce, Inc. that are not currently recommended" and "6 Reviews Removed for Violating our Content Guidelines or Terms of Service" all displaying 5 Stars.

So along comes Kirsten Yeajer, a Groupon voucher purchaser who attended my SEO class and posts this negative review:

"I took the Social Media Marketing class. It was nothing but a sales pitch for their $2000 course. This was a waste of my $19 and more importantly my 4 hours!

Manny just repeated himself over and over, stating the same basic information about FB, Twitter, YouTube and the like.

When one of the students would ask him a question, he would say, "That's in another course." etc...

Unfortunately Yelp does not give you an opportunity or place to answer their reviews. So I wrote the following email to Kirsten:  What would you have done? Comments below please! 

Dear Kirsten: 
I have read your Yelp review and I am very surprised!  I’m sorry you didn’t feel it was worth your while. However, I’ve received many positive comments about this course and others like it. I have to disagree with you in saying that we did not provide content and that the whole class was a sales pitch. The course offered 3 ½ hours of very practical content for only $19.00.  The course is normally between $47 to $97 and we offered the special Groupon deal for just $19, and most have told me it’s a great value even at $97!  
Remember, after we pay the Groupon fees we really get a minimal amount for each person, so I use this as an opportunity to promote our other classes, which are our livelihood. This is a common practice in our industry.
The other courses I was offering are ones that have been very beneficial to small business owners and employees in the area, including Certification courses they may need to maintain their licenses.
Again, I’m sorry you did not enjoy the class, however I can assure you there were many others who appreciated what we taught. Perhaps this particular class was too basic for you and you needed a higher level course. I would welcome you to come to one of our other business classes or courses, in which case I’ll provide you with credit for the $19 plus I’ll offer you a special discount.
Thanks for your feedback and I hope you’ll take us up on our offer.
Best Regards,   Manny-
Manny Sarmiento New Media, New Marketing, Inc.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getty Images Makes Mom of 3 Kids Pay for Unlicensed Use of an Image!

   A lesson from my courses in Social Media Mastery, WordPress Web Design and Search Engine Optimization: Don't use images from Most images that appear on Google Images and other websites are copyrighted. Which means that, as tempting as it seems, you are not allowed to these images without permission or licensing them.
The Big, Mean, Money-hungry, Power-Hungry guys like Getty Images protect their images and don't really care about the circumstances! 

If you use a Getty Images or any other image or photo licensing broker's images, videos, fonts or other media without paying for them or acquiring permission, the Big, Bad, Wolfs, like Getty will come after you and they will demand compensation.

Here's to You Getty!
   This is the case with one of my colleagues. She works from home. Has a husband that is disabled and three hungry mouths to feed and clothe.  Well, inadvertently she used and image from the web as a temporary place holder while she found an image to purchase. She forgot all about the image..  Who can blame her when she has three kids to get ready for school and daycare, a husband who is disabled and a house to maintain.  Well, Getty Images sure didn't care!

   The image she used was for one of her clients.  It was a Getty Images image. Getty sent her client a $380 bill for "Unauthorized Use".  Her client is asking her to pay the Demand from Getty, which I understand.

She called Getty Images to ask for assistance from them... She got a big, fat NO!  

Now, I can understand Getty's position in all this... but come on!  Is Getty Images in such dyer financial position that they couldn't help this mother of three young children!  That borders on corporate ignorance, in my opinion!  When BIG business is so hard up for cash that they "just can't make an exception, I cringe at where the future of business is going!  

We know that Getty Images is a major player in Image brokering, which makes it all the worst!  It bothers me to see this ABUSE and CORPORATE GREED! 

Shame on You, Getty Images and Your Corporate Insensitivity and Greed! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why You Don't Need a Facebook Page for Your Business

  The first thing you hear from social media "experts" is that you need a Facebook Page for your business. But why do you need a tool where 99 percent of what you post is never seen by anyone? So you get a Facebook Page opened. You make it pretty by branding it with your logo, image, colors and slogan. You then tell all your friends and visitors to "Like" your page and you manage to get 300 Likes to your page. Now what? How is your Facebook page important to your business?... Well, it's not!

   A normal Facebook Page will only serve to use up your time and money, unless...  Unless your create an iFrame for your Facebook Page. An iframe page encompasses the C.C.E.(TM) formula.  The C.C.E.(TM) makes your Facebook Page a practical, real business tool for growing your database, getting your visitors to take an action getting them to engage with you.

The C.C.E.(TM) Formula stands for:

  • C - Capture
  • C - Call to Action
  • E - Engagement
   With this formula implemented on your Facebook Page you can Capture leads and add them to a CRM or other databases. You get the visitor to your page to take an Action. And you create an Engagement, or communication with the visitor. All this leads to real return on investment for your business.

WordPress Training Courses Miami
Figure 1.1 - Facebook Page iFrame

   There are many ways to create a Facebook Page iframe style page.  One of the easiest (and free) ways is an app from Facebook called Woobox. Woobox installs in minutes and lets you create and practical Facebook Page Tab where you can direct traffic instead of your Timeline, and get real results by putting the C.C.E.(TM) formula to work for you! See Figure 1.1 for sample.

   I teach many courses in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Internet Marketing, Marketing and business, and offer a Social Media Certification course, the Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist (CSMMS) program, which consists of 13 modules, quizzes and a project. The CSMMS program is designed to make you successful in your own Social Media Marketing business, or help you get a high paying job in these topics. 

You can get more information on the CSMMS program and .

Manny Sarmiento - CEO
New Media,  New Marketing, Inc.