Tuesday, August 16, 2016

LinkedIn - The 4 Top LinkedIn Strategies for Business

LinkedIn - The 4 Top LinkedIn Strategies for Business

When you join LinkedIn, people behave like your “tribe” – people that you are connected to. You can start with your email list, people you invite. Most of those 40 % of those people on your email list, are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an online resume, it’s about you and have a professional head shot profile because a first impression is important. There are over 414+ Million professionals that can find you.

Strategy #1: Link your Slideshare.net presentations on LinkedIn. This is a great tool to demonstrate project presentations you’ve done. It is also a great tool for job hunting since employers gets to see what worked you’ve done, if they check your LinkedIn.

Strategy #2: Joining groups on LinkedIn is crucial to your profile and networking with other professionals in the same group. This refers back to the “Tribe” – people whom you are connected with in the same network.

Strategy #3: Participate in discussions. Make people want to engage on your discussion.

Strategy #4: It’s good to optimize your profile with SEO keywords to target a market. Use Google Adwords to find the keyword for your target market. In my Simple SEO course you will learn how to do keyword research.

LinkedIn is a popular valuable tool and if used correctly, it can give you that advantage for your business.

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Manny Sarmiento
President / CEO New Media, New Marketing, Inc.

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