Friday, August 12, 2016

The Seven Paradigms of Social Media Marketing

The Seven Paradigms of Social Media Marketing

It’s all about SEO: Social Media is all about SEO. Think domination, you want to dominate your market. Create that level one content that makes real engagement happen. Learn more about level one content on my course on Udemy.

DIY It: Tools to enhance your brand in the market. Tools such as Hootsuite, constant contact social share, Tweetdeck, bookmark social media accounts, YouTube, and

Building Relationships (G.A.S.): Give knowledge, ask questions, relationships top of mind of awareness. For example: If I am in your "Tribe" and need your type of services, I refer business to you, exchanging.

T.O.M: Top of Mind Awareness - First one they think of when they're ready to buy your
products or services.

“Expert” Status: When you have a blog you are perceived as an expert.

The “Tribe”: People in a group. Everyone that belongs to you, everyone that is in your network or works together. Fund your tribe, keep them loyal and those are the people that would refer more business too.

Engagement: Engage in Social Media accounts by consistently posting on these accounts or blogs.

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Manny Sarmiento
President / CEO New Media, New Marketing, Inc.

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