Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is Social Media Marketing Important? The Queen of England Herself Has Joined Facebook!

Is Social Media Marketing Important? The Queen of England Herself Has Joined Facebook!

By Courtney Jewell-McElroy

Yes, it's true. The Queen herself, Queen Elizabeth the II has realized that Social Media is an important communication tool.

The Huffington Post reported this past week that Queen Elizabeth is now on Facebook.
According to the release in the Huffington, the Queen has launched a series of official pages offering the website's 500 million users daily updates on her engagements.

The Queen (an 84-year-old British monarch) plans to be featured in videos, photos and news items all of which will be released on her new Social Media Marketing profile on Facebook.

The Queens Facebook page was scheduled to go live today. Princes William and Harry have been very active on Social Media and one can only speculate that those activities played a role in the Queens decision to jump on this networking bandwagon.

The Facebook Fan Page will be a corporate account, so people will be able leave messages or comments for Buckingham Palace on the site and find details of royal events close to their homes. Because the Queen has chosen to create a corporate Facebook page - and not a personal account - people won't be able to request to become friends with the queen.

A royal official was quoted stating "If you are going to have an online presence in 2010, you just have to be on Facebook."

The Facebook page is the Queen's latest social media venture - the Royal Family already has an account on the Flickr photography website, joined Twitter in 2009 and set up a video channel on YouTube in 2007.
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Article by Courtney Jewell-McElroy
CEO, Assure Assess Corp.

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