Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Social Media Mastery: Can Instagram Online Help Me Build My Business? Instagram for Business

Can Instagram help you build your business?

It is currently a new fad for many businesses to spend hundreds of hours into Instragram, posting, commenting and liking pictures in order to attract new potentials customers for their goods or services.

The real question is: Does Instagram for business provide real engagement?

When you post a new picture on your business’s Instagram feed what do you create? Are your current and potential customers engaging with your business by just clicking the heart button? Are they sharing your post? Are they commenting? These three simply tasks, are they really helping your business.

If you answered yes to most or all those questions, then ask yourself one more question: Are they coming through your door?

It does not matter if you have over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments. This perceived engagement is it really giving you results?

Your answer is most likely: No.

Engagement is a two communication between you (the business) and them (the customer).

While Instagram is a great way to show off the goods and services, it only working if you have a larger audience. If you are a small business you are going to need many more Social Media Tools in order to grow your business. Not just Instagram.

Instagram is just one of the many Level-2 Social Media tools you will need in order to help you build your business, but it is neither the most important tool nor the only tool. Having other Level-1 Social Media tools will help your business grow as you share them on Level-2 Social Media tools.

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Best Success to You! 
Manny Sarmiento - Social Media Mann(y)

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