Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Business

Social Media is the hottest topic on the planet for business! CEOs and business owners know they need it, but they don't know how to implement a practical Social Media Marketing strategy. This gives you the opportunity to start a new, in-demand, profitable business. Here are the different options to start a Social Media Marketing business.

When I coach my Social Media Certification students I give them the different tracks to choose in their new career. These are the top options to begin your new Social Media Marketing business:

  1. Social Media Management - Create and manage the business' Social Media Marketing strategy. You can charge from $250 to $5000 to set up their social media accounts, and a monthly maintenance fee of between $250 per month to $2500 per month.
  2. Local Business Social Media Marketing - New and existing businesses must have a real, practical social media and internet marketing campaign. Most businesses don't know this! Market yourself as a Local Business Social Media Marketing expert and you can run a lucrative, high-demand business.
  3. Search Engine Optimization SEO - Getting a business to the top of Google is easier than ever. With the Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist (TM) program you can learn how to optimize website to meet Google's guideline and help get your clients to the top of the search engines and earn money in your new business venture.
  4. Consulting and Coaching - As a Social Media Certified expert you can charge between $50 to $250 per hour to coach businesses in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Local Business Marketing, Blogging, and other social media tools. Business is booming! You can earn really good money helping businesses grow and thrive!
  5. Teaching Social Media - I earn really good money marketing Social Media Marketing, SEO and other internet marketing courses, including Social Media Marketing Certification. You can too! If you like teaching then this is the track for your success.
You can create a very lucrative business in Social Media Marketing. It's easy to learn! It's in high demand! You can easily be a part of this booming and money-making industry.

Manny Sarmiento - CEO
New Media, New Marketing, Inc.


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