Friday, November 8, 2013

Social Media Certification: Should Your Social Media Strategy Include It?

What is Social Media Certification? Online certificate programs have sprung up all over, but does a good social media strategy include social media certification?

Social media jobs are growing rapidly and social media management salaries are growing along with social media management positions. According to a Career Builder Salary article, republished on New Media, New Marketing's blog, a Social Media Manager's average is $106,160.00.

I've seen social media certificate programs priced from $97 but what they offer are online courses that show you how to open a Facebook account, or other nonsensical subjects.

A good social media management certification program, besides showing interested parties what is social media, can improve employability and increase their income.

Social Media Certification | Get Certified in Social Media!
"Our Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist (TM) program teaches real social media management skills and can lead to getting better social media jobs or, with our emphasis on entrepreneurship, starting a lucrative social media marketing business" - Manny Sarmiento

Yes, Social Media Marketing Certification should be a part of your social media strategy and your life. The New World of New Media and New Marketing will undoubtedly include the skills you can acquire with a real, practical, social media marketing certification educational program. 

Whether you are looking for a better paying job, or interested in starting an in-demand, lucrative Web 2.0 business, Social Media Marketing Certification is the way to go.

I invite you to explore our Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist (TM) CSMMS(TM) program at My Certification program is real and teaches you the right social media strategies and skills. 

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