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2 Blogging Traffic Strategies You Should Use

2 Blogging Traffic Strategies You Should Use
By []Randall A Magwood

I just recently read a book about 77 ways that you can get traffic to your website. I thought the guide was good, but who has the time to use all 77 methods - especially if you're a busy online business owner? Well truth be told, out of all the 77 methods, only about 5 of them will bring you the most traffic.

You need traffic online, and if you can get it for free, that's a bigger plus for you. I personally love free traffic methods. The guide that I read was more of a "viral ebook marketing" strategy... just one of the strategies that was listed in this guy's book. If you want to be success online, you have to get creative with your marketing and traffic generation, and start thinking outside the box.

I want to give you some free traffic strategies that you can use to drive targeted traffic to your website. It's something that is incredibly easy to do, and you can be up and running TODAY if you wanted to. They all take time to work, but soon, you will see your paid advertising costs go down due to all of the free sales that you've been making. Here's the first strategy for you:

1) Blog commenting

I love blog commenting, but I don't abuse the strategy. There are only 2 active and very engaged blogs that I comment on - on a regular basis. Both of these blogs get a lot of traffic, and I get more "eyeballs" for my site. This is considered a "Web 2.0" strategy, and it's absolutely effective.

I can remember reading one guy's book about traffic generation, and he said that he gets over 100 hits per day to this site just by doing blog commenting. Now the guy went and said that he has over 30 blogs that participates on, it really consumes his. I thought this was excessive, and that there are other marketing strategies that I could alongside this strategy - without spending too much time on it.

Some blogs you come across will have a lot of readership, and some won't. My advice is to stick with the blogs that have a lot of readership, and keep it to a minimum. Some blogs don't post everyday, some do. Just don't put all your eggs into one basket and try to make it big this way. Here's another great strategy:

2) Blogging

Well, I couldn't help but stick to the blogging subject. I love blogging... I think of it as a diary of information that people can find useful. There are different styles and structures of blogs on the internet, but for the most part, you will want to deliver great information on it.

I personally like to blog and make 1 post per day. It's not necessary to do more than 1 post per day... the search engines will think you're weird and trying to "game" the system. This is LAST impression that you want to leave on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So stick to 1 post.

Make sure you market your blog everyday too. After each blog post, ping your blog to let the search engine services know that you have more new content. Folks will find it in the search engines (if you do your keyword density and SEO right), and you will get traffic this way. Make sure you have lead capturing systems on your blog so that you can improve the odds of retaining your visitors. It's just a highly effective marketing strategy to do.

Take these 2 traffic strategies and use them in your online business today. They're simple, easy, and fun to do. And of course, they can boost your traffic.

Good luck with your blog marketing efforts today.

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