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The Power of Newsletters by Joel Comm

The Power of Newsletters
By Joel Comm

A top-earning AdSense website will have a number of different elements: it will have high quality content filled with valuable keywords; it will have the right ad units in the right place well blended into the page; and it will have a steady stream of traffic flowing in from various sources to click the ads that the feed the funds.

Gathering that traffic can be hard work. You can take the easy route and simply pay for ads on AdWords. That works fine as long as you’re paying less per click than your ads receive per click. Swapping links will certainly be a part of your traffic acquisition strategy, as will search engine optimization. But all that takes effort... so you want to make the most of it.

You’ve probably heard that old business maxim about new clients costing ten times more to pick up than holding on to old ones.

The principle is exactly the same for websites.

If you’ve attracted a user to your site, you want to make sure he comes back. If he didn’t click on ad during his last visit, he might click next time. And if he did click on an ad during his last visit, then that’s definitely the sort of user you want returning.

Satisfying your users with valuable content will help, but even the most satisfied user can still forget to check your site regularly. That’s why a newsletter is such an important tool.

You should always be trying to capture your users’ email addresses. You’ll be able to remind them that you’re out there, tell them that you have good information and suggest that they come back to your site. You can’t put ads in the newsletter itself yet (although Google say that’s on the way) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using a newsletter.

One way to create a newsletter and use it to generate ad clicks is to fill it with original content and make sure that your URL is well displayed. If people feel that they’re getting good content from your newsletter, they’ll come to the site to find out more.

The other method is even easier. Every time you create a new blog post or write a new article simply take the first paragraph or two and paste it into your newsletter template. When the template is full, mail it off to your list. To read the rest of the article, those old users will have to visit your site.

If you’re not sending a newsletter to your users, then not only will you be unprepared when Google wheels out ads in newsletters, you’re also missing a valuable traffic opportunity now.

Joel Comm is The Internet Revenue Expert.

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