Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Using the Power of the #hashtag

Using the Power of the #hashtag

Currently, the #hashtag is one of the most powerful tools around. Almost every social media platform uses it, and those who don’t will soon be adopting it into their platform.


The power of a #hashtag will instantly link a social media post to a group of others about the same topic and will update a group of likeminded users on that topic.

For small business, having a powerful #hashtag to represent your image is important to a successful social media strategy.

A tag can help drive brand recognition. Boost the reach of an advertising campaign. And impact customer loyalty.


The hashtag is the pound symbol (#) renamed for a different purpose. The symbol before a keyword or phrase will categorize tweets, status updates and Instagram images. Making them show up when it is searched.

A #hashtag occurs anywhere in the tweet or status update: beginning, middle or end.

(However, a #hashtag will not appear in search if the account is on private or protected)


An important rule of the #hashtag…#don’t #spam #with #hashtags! Creating this over tagging will devalue the hashtag.

Every business should develop a brand under a single #hashtag. This #hashtag will need to speak for your brand and strengthen consumer awareness.

Even though the #hashtag was created online, and everyone associates it with Twitter. Using the hashtag in public can generate giant amounts of buzz outside of the internet. When creating branding and advertising for your business such as posters, flyers or stickers. Make sure to include a #hashtag that people will be able to search on social media.

Be obvious with #hashtags!

Choose a #hashtag that is easy to remember and crystal-clear. The simpler that #hashtag the more likely will your customers and audience remember the business or brand.

Using the power of the #hashtag is a key to increasing traffic to your business. Become a presence, become memorable. Make your business unique, and beat the competition.

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