Monday, November 16, 2015

Marketing: Pinterest Made Easy

Marketing: Pinterest Made Easy

Marketing in Pinterest is easy.

Pinterest is a blogging website where the user pins onto boards ideas, clothes and project he or she may like.

Today, many businesses use Pinterest as a form of advertising and marketing. Pinterest has become a place for users to rack up ideas on what they want to buy. Pinterest has introduced Promoted Pins to their website. These pins will appear in users’ home feeds; they work just like regular pins, but business pay for them to show up.

If there is no budget to pay for Promoted Pins on Pinterest being active and gaining traffic is easy.

It only takes a few minutes each day to curate, and repin to Pinterest boards. To get noticed on Pinterest, you need to pin and repin regularly.

Another way to gain audience and gain traffic to your business is to follow relevant pinners. Find your niche and follow them, it is very likely your niche will follow you back. Make sure the pinners you follow are value to your Pinterest marketing.

Comment. Comment. Comment.

Become active in your niche. Become active by commenting on a pin a day. Make sure it is a pin on which you can offer input.
( Make sure your comments are pertinent and not self-promotional )

If you are able of creating your own content you will build up an audience faster than being a regular re-pinner.

Pinterest marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your business noticed and drive traffic to your business or blog.

It is not time consuming.  Just take your 20-minute Facebook break and market your business through Pinterest.

Spend a little time each day to pin, schedule and comment on the platform, as well as small pockets of time for research and image creation each week.

You will be amazed what a little time and consistent effort can do to improve your businesses traffic by using Pinterest.

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