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5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid by Caitlyn Rose Financial Journalist

5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Every small business owner wants to maximize profits over the long term. However, many business owners make mistakes every day that prevent them from seeing success. Correcting these mistakes is key to a more profitable business. Here are five of the most common mistakes that small business owners must stop making:
1. Business Tax Errors
Small business owners are notoriously bad with their taxes. Instead of trying to do taxes yourself, spend some time and money with a professional. In the long run, this decision will actually save you time and money. The more time you spend with a tax professional, the more well-versed you will become on the subject. There are a lot of business owners who end up in trouble with the IRS because of tax mistakes made in the past– don’t let this be you!
2. No Website or Digital Presence
It’s seems safe to say, the internet is here to stay. Small business owners who still don’t have a website will have to invest time and money in this area eventually. Similarly, social presence is increasingly important for branding and being found by customers.
Over the long term, there are many business owners who lose sales because they do not have a website or a digital presence of some kind. Anyone who wants to drive traffic and sales through their site needs to observe current best practices for good results. The easiest way to do this is by using a free website template and hiring a digital marketing professional to help set it up. Social accounts are even easier to create, and are totally free to use.
3. Bad Financial Records
Many small business owners are people who like to take action quickly. Instead of being impulsive, it is important to keep an eye on every dollar coming in and out of your business. Successful businesses keep their financial statements updated and free of errors. The benefits of well-kept financial records will reveal themselves when you seek funding, investors, and/or expansion.
4. Too Much Debt
Many companies carry too much debt on their balance sheet. Debt can have some very negative effects on your business. Although many large companies manage debt well, this can be difficult if you are a small company.
There are various affordable loan options for small businesses to help ease the pressure of daily operations. Make sure to review all of the loan terms and conditions before signing the paperwork to make sure you can afford the repayment terms.
5. A Short-Term State of Mind
Finally, too many small business owners today only think in the short-term. Learning how to think about your business in the long-term allow you to see the big picture.A short-term mindset will cost you more time, money, and aggravation in the long-run. Take steps today to plan for tomorrow, and stick to the plan, that’s the only way to sustain growth.
Caitlyn Rose - Finance Journalist
Caitlyn is a business consultant and editor for LendGenius with an intimate understanding of business finance.
An entrepreneur at heart, she supports small local businesses whenever she can.

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