Monday, September 27, 2010

Gateway Sucks - No More Gateway PCs for Me!

I used to swear by Gateway PCs. Recently I purchased two Gateway Laptops thinking that I was getting a wonderful deal through HSN. The first Gateway I purchased worked great at first but two weeks later the "O" key popped out all by itself. Two weeks after that the "P" key popped out all by itself.

I called customer support to learn that I would have to send the PC back to their Texas facility to get it repaired (at my cost). I sent it back and two weeks later I got my laptop back. The keyboard, which was originally illuminated and had controls for sound and Media Player was not working. I had no volume nor media control on the keyboard template nor any function keys to serve as sound level or media controls.

I got back on the phone to attempt to call them. I sent the PC to be repaired just under the wire before the warrantee expired. I received the repair receipt telling me that the repairs were under a 90 day warrantee. I got a recording telling me that I could not speak to tech support because "my pc was no longer under warrantee". I could not speak to a real person. I was referred to the web site where I got the same response from a chat conversation. I was referred to emailing tech support! Urgh!

I am still waiting to get a response from tech support.!

The second Gateway Laptop I puchased from HSN was beautiful, but slow as a snail having dinner! have Norton full suite running and I am very careful about opening emails and other programs.

I haven't even tried to speak to tech support because I figure that I will have to send this other laptop to Texas to get it fixed!!! Urgh!

My next laptop or PC will NOT be a Gateway PC. I think that I will go back to Dell or maybe try HP. I never had an issue with my Dell PCs.

I wrote this blog to get your attention and to make sure that you do not get tangled with a Gateway PC or Laptop when you purchase your next one! What has happened to customer service. I can definitely tell you that Gateway does not care about me nor you! Their customer service sucks!

Manny Sarmiento


  1. Buy a Toshiba or a Lenovo, which are more robust and the hardware doesn't degrade with time and use.

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