Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't Pay for SEO Services! What You really Need to Know about SEO!

Lie #1 - Guaranteed #1 Ranking on Google

guaranteed number 1 ranking on google seo
The SEO Truth - Very few SEO so-called "experts" can get you to number one on Google. So here is the challenge you can give them: Get me number one on Google then I will pay you. None of the SEO guys will take the challenge because they know they can't do it!

Lie #2 - You Need to Pay for Monthly SEO Services

The SEO Truth - Unless you are a trending type of business such as entertainment, you don't need to optimize on a monthly basis! There's not much the SEO "experts" can do on a monthly basis to get you to the top of Google. But here's the good news; you can get great results your self.

Lie #3 - You Can't Do SEO Yourself! 

The SEO Truth - SEO is actually very simple. There are a few, very simple techniques to optimizing your website and creating a viable and practical SEO strategy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to get results. Google has a series of tools to help you optimize your pages and get to the top of Google.

Lie #4 - Google Updates will Hurt Your Website Rankings

The SEO Truth - Yes, Google is constantly upgrading their algorithm but if your website is Real, Keyword-Rich, Relevant, Homogenous and properly optimized then you can get great Google search results.

The bottom line is that you must be careful if you are considering hiring an "SEO Expert" since most can't fulfill what they promise. My suggestion is to you reach out to Google via their Webmaster Tools at where you will find plenty of real information on Search Engine Optimization SEO. 

Learning What is SEO from the Source

Google also has a YouTube channel: Google Webmaster Help. Make sure that you only get your SEO knowledge directly from the source - Google! Well, except from me, of course! I teach a three and a half hour SEO Search Engine Optimization course once a month in Miami. I cut out the nitty-gritty and give you the REAL Truth about as SEO in a practical manner that you can use to DIY your SEO or at least know what to look for when you hire someone to optimize your website. SEO Search Engine Optimization Course Miami

Please Tell me About Your SEO Nightmares

I'd love to hear about your experiences with the "SEO Experts". Your comments will help others avoid the SEO trap and save money, time and trouble! 

Hope to hear from you soon!

Search Engine Optimization Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando
Manny Sarmiento - CEO / President
New Media, New Marketing, Inc. 

P.S. The main reason for writing this blog is to save you money, time and agravation! I hope that it rescues you from SEO hell!

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