Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Your Old School Marketing Ideas Are Dead! Get a New Marketing Life and Your Business Will Thrive!

Your Old School Marketing Ideas are Dead! 

     You've got to get a New Marketing life or your business will die! It's funny how universities are still using the same 50 year old text book with the $150 price tag. BUt what's not funny is that these same universities don't seem to be embracing New Marketing ideas and concepts that have become the real tools to grow your business in the 21st century!

     We are in the New World, of New Media and New Marketing. You must embrace the New Tools and technologies, understand them and master them! Once you do, your business world begins to open up. New revenue sources begin to appear! Your profits begin to soar! Your bank account begins to grow!

     Don't embrace New Marketing and your business withers away! Customers don't appear! Your business dies a quick death! Lets look at some of these "New Marketing" concepts and lets watch your business blossom!

Sale is a Four Letter S Word!

    Stop "selling" and start Marketing! As a matter of fact, never say the "S" word again. Anytime you feel like saying the "S" word replace it with the "M" word; Marketing. This alone will change your life! "Selling" in the New Marketing world is dead!

Social Media is NOT the Answer!

   It's strange to hear that from a person who teaches Social Media, SEO and Internet Marketing, but you've got to deprogram your mind from an Orwellean concept that Facebook and Twitter will save your business. They won't!

   The problem with Facebook is that no one is listening! Your hope of going "viral" are empty dreams of business nirvana that never seem to appear. Social Media Marketing can work, but it's got to be done right! The ROI of Social Media done wrong is most definitely negative.  I'm not saying give up on Social Media. I'm saying that you must understand it, learn it properly and know which are the right Social Media tools that will create positive ROI for your business. 

The Secret is in the ROI!

    The secret to any marketing tool you choose to test is to measure Return On Investment (ROI). Any marketing tool can work. Even the old school ones such as the yellow pages, radio or TV, flyers can work, but never throw your precious marketing budget at any media without having a way to measure it's ROI.  Here are some simple steps for using and measuring ROI:

  • Capture the Numbers
  • Set Up a Measuring Tool for Income, Profit and Expense
  • Know Where Your Sales are Coming From
  • Calculate the ROI = Profit / Expense > 1.0

If the ROI is greater than 1.0 then it's a good campaign. If it's less than 1.0 then move on to the next marketing tool do the same! Never continue to throw money at marketing tools that generate negative ROI.

There's a lot more to New Marketing. We've only touched upon a very small part of the New Marketing concepts. I'll continue to bring new blog postings that educate and entertain and takes your business to the next level!

Manny Sarmiento - President / CEO
New Media, New Marketing, Inc.