Monday, April 20, 2015

Top 5 Best Networking Events for Professionals Like You!

Speed Networking Event Miami Doral
Many business owners and sales professionals think that they can sit behind a desk and grow their business or their sales! This is far from the truth. You've got to get out there, network and meet people. But your time is precious, so in order to optimize your networking efforts you've got to choose the right networking events.

First, let me start by telling you that most "after-hours" events are not productive for business professionals. The format of these drink, eat and be merry events are just not effective as a means of meeting potential prospects and clients. Avoid them.

Your time is better invested in the following types of networking events:

  1. Morning "breakfast" networking events such as BNI meetings and chamber of commerce functions:  The latter, chamber of commerce functions, in my opinion, are better than BNI meetings. I find those way too structured and costly. But if it works for you, go for it!
  2. Dynamic and well attended Toastmasters Meetings: I host a Toastmasters chapter here in Doral and this chapter is dynamic and full of professionals. You'll be able to practice public speaking too, while you meet and network with some of most rounded professionals on the planet!
  3. Seminars and Workshops attended by your target market: Every event, workshop, class, seminar or lecture is a networking opportunity! You'll meet some of the brightest and most interesting professionals while feeding your mind with very interesting topics. This is definitely time well invested.
  4. Your own information-filled seminar directed to your target market. Putting on your own seminars, workshops or lectures that educate and motivate your target market is an idea of the New Marketing era! Educate, don't sell! Your goal is to give such a great seminar the attendees will ask you how it's possible to work with you. You'll be surprised at the results!
  5. Speed Networking Events: They are fun, fast, very effective and efficient marketing tools for business professionals. In a well-planned and organized Speed Networking event you will meet from 10 to 50 people ready, willing and able to hear your marketing message since you are only their for one reason; to talk about your business in two and a half minutes or less! Check list link often if you live in Miami for the next Speed Networking at the Speed of Business Event!
Your time is valuable, so use it wisely. Stop the after-hours drinking events that are so called "networking events". By dedicating your time to effective networking platforms you will break the ice faster, establish more relationships and increase the return on investment of your time and energy! 

I hope this help! 

Best Regards,  Manny Sarmiento
CEO - New Media, New Marketing, Inc. 

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