Monday, July 1, 2013

Save Barnes & Noble - Will Kindle Kill the Nook? The Amazon Domination!

Its Sunday evening and I find myself in one of my cozy corners of my world - Barnes & Noble! But I ponder, will Kindle kill the gentle giant, Barnes &Noble?

The romance of a latte or capucino while basking on new books pulled frm the shelf is about to disappear into Amazon land.

Several of my favorite hangout Barnes & Noble have already vanished into thin air...  If B&N management is listening, I bring to you.... 

How to SAVE Barnes & Noble:

  • Increase your cafeteria size and add more tables and chairs
  • Add outlets for customers to plug their devices into
  • Drop your yearly membership fee to $12 per year
  • Drop your retail prices on books at the store
  • Increase the discounts for members

These simple ideas can save Barnes & Noble, or at least extend it's life as it ponders how to defeat the mighty goliath known as and it's virtuos device, Kindle!

I go out of my way at times to visit my favorite B&N in Coral Gables. I can no longer hang out at Barnes & Noble in Loehman's Plaza or Oakwood! Those stores are reduced to memories! 

What will I do when the halls of Barnes & Noble go hollow?  Where will I escape to on Sunday evenings?  Where has this world's sanctity gone?

I'll Miss You Barnes & Noble!  Goodbye!
Manny Sarmiento - Social Media University Palo Alto

Manny Sarmiento - President
New Media, New Marketing, Inc.

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